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A color goes around the world: RefectoCil® is a term every beauty professional is familiar with. The brand name has even become synonymous with Brow & Lash Styling. RefectoCil® is the world market leader in eyebrow and eyelash tinting and is represented in over 70 countries. But few people know where the brand comes from and who stands behind it: RefectoCil® is a success story made in Austria – full of curiosity and the courage to change.

Behind the global success of RefectoCil® stands a company from a country in the heart of Europe and a restless CEO: Rainer Deisenhammer, Managing Director of the parent company GW Cosmetics. Just under 20 years ago, he took over the management of a family business rich in tradition with innovative products and helped its RefectoCil® brand

to become a global success. True to his motto “Just do it!”, Rainer Deisenhammer took on a great legacy whose foundation was laid in the 1930s: at that time, the Viennese hairdresser Josef Gschwentner experimented with hair colors because he was dissatisfied with the existing range. In doing so, he invented the first professional tinting products for eyebrows and eyelashes. A pioneering achievement and the root for the later launch of RefectoCil®. The tinting products quickly became very successful and internationally known, leading to the expansion of its distribution network as well as its product portfolio.

Rainer Deisenhammer took over the company in 2004 and, with the purchase of Weinzierl, started to develop an Austrian cosmetics company named GW Cosmetics. Today, GW Cosmetics® has 120 employees and is considered as an expert for brow & lash styling products and a producer of premium and innovative cosmetic products.

“I am convinced that treating each other as human beings is key for enjoying work and that in a work enviroment dominated by understanding and partnership, we can develop the passion needed to reach a new level of excellence.”